Saturday, 12 February 2011

Inspiration? Intentions?

In a few weeks, a particular publisher are opening their doors to submissions from unagented writers. I've read several books from this publisher and not only were they almost all superb, they gave me the impression my stuff would be a good fit. I got the same impression from the publisher's Formspring page. They seem as if they like a laugh AND take what they do seriously. So they're first (and hopefully) last on my potential publishers/agents for TRG.

For the subs package, they're after the first five chapters, a breakdown of the characters and plot...and a bit about the writer's inspiration and intentions. When I first read this on their site, I figured it wasn't a problem and when it comes to the inspiration, it's not really. After all, the overall plot of TRG is one I've been kicking about for years. I waited until I could do it justice by having smaller plot lines come together and by being a better writer than I was a few years back. So I let the idea stew (or fester - not sure which); I let it develop until the right time. That came last summer when I bashed out the first draft in about six weeks. Yeah, it was rough and underdeveloped but it was still a good start.

Fast forward to now and I'm thinking about my inspiration and intentions. Hmmm...well, the inspiration isn't too difficult. Most writers have areas they go back to again and again in their fiction. Mine seem to be friendships, time, regret, hope and what average people (if there is such a thing as an average person. For the record, I don't think there is) do in the face of evil.

Intentions? see...

I've discussed this with a writer friend who's also struggling with saying something beyond I wanted to tell a story because I'm not bad at it and I thought people would like it. I've got a bit noted down but nothing that sounds too impressive. The strange thing is I feel like that should bother me more than it does. Obviously I don't want any publishers to think I'm a total idiot with naff all intelligent to say, but if I'm being honest, I do this to tell stories. That's it. Any intentions and themes come in the writing and editing and polishing. When it comes down to the basics though, I'm just telling stories.


  1. Ooh...which publisher is this? With regards to "intentions," do they perhaps mean a kind of synopsis, or thoughts on your future career as a writer? Whether the story will be a series, that kind of thing?

  2. I'd rather not name them in case it all goes down the toilet and I end up looking like an idiot. Check your reps at AW.