Sunday, 6 February 2011

So...the first post

So, here we are. Everyone comfortable? Of course you're not comfortable. You don't know me. I don't know you. This is like one of those group work things where a bunch of people who all work in different places are shoved together and have to bond by role playing and thinking like their customers and drinking horrible coffee.

Well, don't worry too much. I'm sure we'll get along without too much embarrassment. Just pretend we've known each other for years but we've lost touch. We've just bumped into one another and are now having a catch up beer. I'll have a bag of peanuts when it's your round, ta.

What have I been up to since we last spoke, you ask? Well, I'm writing a lot these days. A hell of a lot. Currently, I'm editing my last book. It's called The Red Girl. The original title was just Red, but then I heard about a Bruce Willis film called Red, so I thought I better change the title. And while my book doesn't have Bruce Willis in it, it's still (in my oh so humble opinion) one of the best books I've written. While I'm not published in print form, I've got high hopes for this book. It's a tight, exciting story with some characters who I think really stand out. Of course, the publishing world may disagree with me, but I'm quietly hopeful.

As for being published, I am online - as well as a few poems a couple of years back. Google the horror website Dark Fire and you'll my stuff in their archives section. ASBO, They Always Get Inside In The Films and I Could Murder A Good Book are some of my stories. There's a new one coming next month. Watch out for it.

Well, it's good to catch up, isn't it? See you back here soon for another pint.

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