Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Book recommendation: TimeRiders - The Doomsday Code (Alex Scarrow)

If you haven't read the first two books in this series, starting with this one isn't a good idea - and not simply because the overall story won't make much sense. The developing plot is revealed to be much richer than expected in this third book, and the characters' emotions and relationships are developing nicely.

Following on from important events in the second book, the three main characters become involved with a 90s computer hacker. Searching for clues to what the aftermath of book two means, they end up in twelfth century Britain and all that it involves: King Richard, John, Sherwood Forest (and of course Robin Hood) and not to mention a certain historical artefact which hasn't been used in such an entertaining way since one of the Indiana Jones films.

One of the cleverest things about this book and the plot throughout the series is the way in which Alex Scarrow combines history and all its thrills with a solidly entertaining narrative. If you've got a child with even the slightest interest in history, they'll love these books. And if you're like me (always on the hunt for a great book), the TimeRiders series is for you.

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  1. Hi Luke, thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed it so much!


    Alex Scarrow

  2. Not a problem. Roll on book 4. :)