Sunday, 20 March 2011

This week, I am mostly reading...

I've always got a book or two on the go. And it's not just because reading is as important for a writer as actually writing. It's because, quite simply, I love books. I love opening a book, reading the first page and being in another world with new people. How else can you go into another world without being insane? Or being in a SF film, I suppose.

I've always read. Even as a kid when I couldn't articulate why I liked books so much, I read. To be honest, it didn't matter to me why I read; I just knew I loved stories. That hasn't changed at all over the last thirty odd years. OK, my tastes might have matured a bit but the basic enjoyment I get from a new book is still as powerful as it was when I read Five Go Camping And Julian Erects His Own Tent (or whatever it was called). Tastes might change. Stories don't.

So, I've got a couple of books on my little table which I'm enjoying very much. Dark Hollow by John Connolly;  a collection of essays called On Writing Horror, and a book which I think will be a help for my next book (started yesterday and 3,000 words in) called The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer. And when one of those is finished, I've got a book by Stephen Leather to start.

I read as much as I can because I'm a writer and that's what writers should do. And I read as much as I can because there's nothing quite like a good book.

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