Thursday, 14 April 2011

Simon Pegg's autobio - Nerd Do Well

As someone who could be described as a long-lost and (very) distant cousin of Simon Pegg (I share his obsession with zombies but not so much with Star Wars), I've been looking forward to his autobiography for a while. And while it's not quite the book I expected, it's worth reading.

A fair chunk of Nerd Do Well is taken up with chapters on films - mainly the works of Romero and Lucas, although Pegg does describe experiences with people such as Gillian Anderson and Steven Spielberg with his customary self-deprecation and a sense of British surprise that a guy like him should be involved with such famous and talented people. He also goes into detail concerning the maligned Star Wars prequels which, if I didn't see Romero's films they way I do, would have been slightly embarrassing. If you're not as obsessive about something as Pegg is with Star Wars, this probably won't do a lot for you. Not to worry, though. Pegg relates plenty of stories of his childhood and adolesence which will strike plenty of chords with readers of a similar age. As well as being funny, these stories illustrate Pegg's development from nerdy student to comic to actor and writer - all with some degree of his nerdiness. My only complaint is the relative lack of stories on the works which brought him to the public eye over the last ten years: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and, of course, the mighty Spaced. They're all given mention but it's a little perfunctory for me.

Ultimately though, it's always refreshing to read an autobiography by someone with talent and charm. And it's a bonus when the autobio comes with a great Dan Brown mickey take thrown in.


  1. He likes the Star Wars prequels? Now THAT'S a nerd.

  2. He's definitely a nerd, but I can relate. Replace Star Wars with zombies and I'm in the same area.