Saturday, 14 May 2011

Guest post - Fiona Dodwell

Today, I'm happy to hand my blog over to guest writer Fiona Dodwell, author of The Banishing.

Why I write horror
By Fiona Dodwell

I love to be scared. I do believe some people think I am strange for that fact, but it's simply true. I remember the passion was born when I was about eight years old, and I found my brother's battered copy of Stephen King's Pet Semetery. I was probably too young to understand everything in that novel, but I do remember that it sparked something inside of me that still lives within me to this present day.

I get funny looks when I tell people what I write. People are normally interested when I tell them I write, but as soon as they ask the inevitable question: “So what do you write about?” I pause, I hesitate, nervous about the reaction that normally follows. Sometimes it's a blank stare, an odd mumble and then a quick excuse to get away, and other times the results are a little more ugly. “You write horror? What's wrong with you? There's something not right about that.”

Of course, it's something I am used to now. Horror seems to stir strange reactions in people. Some people feel intimidated by the darkness that horror reveals about the human mind; others still believe there to be a moral responsibility to avoid putting frightening ideas into the world of film and literature.

For me, I love horror. It allows the release of angst, darkness and anxiety that riddles many of our minds using safe and entertaining values. It is a way to delve into dark and dangerous worlds with the luxury of feeling safe, of knowing that, if something disturbs us, we can close over the book and throw it back onto the shelf. It's safe exploration. I also believe horror drags our own morals into question: do we not follow the character, hoping for their safety and victory when battling evil? Do we want good to conquer evil?

To me, the problem of horror lies only in the real world, in the minds of those who do not share those limits and boundaries. For those who don't wish good to overcome.

When people ask me why I write horror, I have to admit I can't find an answer. Horror chose me, in some ways. I talk about it, write about it, read about it. It was never a choice.

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  1. "It allows the release of angst, darkness and anxiety that riddles many of our minds..."

    Yes! That is exactly what reading and writing horror does for me.

    Nice post, Fiona. That's a very intriguing cover for The Banishing. Wishing you many sales!

  2. Lovely thoughts. I agree 100 percent. Those without imaginations are those I trust least.

  3. You're right,Fiona. It was never a choice!
    Another amazing article, one that strikes a chord with horror fans, both authors and readers.