Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It's quiet. Yeah. Too quiet.

So updates...

...are actually pretty thin at the moment. I'm between 15,000 and 25,000 words from finishing the first draft of Belham so I'm concentrating on that rather than doing much else. I've got at least three short stories to query, a couple of agents to research and as I've only had one reply to my subs for TRG, I'll probably get on to the second round of subs for it (as keen as I am to hear back from one of the original subs, I can't wait forever), but all this is going to wait until Belham is finished. If I spread myself too thin in the last quarter of a draft, it ends up becoming an uphill struggle rather than the downhill sleigh ride I enjoy. Plus leaving any queries, subs and research until after draft one is finished means I can get on with all of that while the draft rests for a month. Some writers go straight into their edits (I know of at least one who has sold and published several books doing it this way), but that doesn't work for me. I let the draft rest for a month and then get stuck into my edits.

As for Belham, it hasn't ended up being quite the tale I imagined which isn't a massive problem. I'm a firm believer in letting a book go its own way. Saying that, I think I came at this one from the wrong angle. Generally, I write third limited past tense although first and present are also fun. This one, I think, needs to be third omni which means a hell of a lot of changes for the rewrites. I can live with that. If Belham needs to be told from a bird's eye view, I'll listen to what it wants and go with it.
As always, the story is in charge.


  1. Good luck with the second lot of subs! I envy your writing time, lol. My WiP is looking woefully neglected.

  2. Thanks. Am hoping to get to the second subs by the end of June. Obviously that depends on Belham and if anything comes from the first round.

    *Checks email again...*