Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Zombie Dead (dvd)

Awful dubbed dialogue! Terrible acting! Unconvincing zombies! Rubbish toupees! Incest! It's all here and more in The Zombie Dead, a frankly terrible film that manages to be strangely entertaining.

I have no idea what the plot was, or if there was one. It opens with a professor investigating...something. He goes into a crypt, hammers at the wall and then attempts to make friends with a couple of shuffling corpses. This doesn't go quite according to plan. Then a bunch of friends turn up at the professor's house (I think they might have been swingers) for a weekend of...something. This mainly involves wandering around the grounds, snogging, and some of the worst dialogue/dubbing in film history. It's not long before the zombies make an appearance which is then a cue for lots of running, falling over, and some more running before the zombies act as a team (yep, you heard me) to break into the mansion.

It's complete bone of the highest order but is worth watching if only for some decent gore and a dwarf in a rubbish wig who wants more than comfort from his mum. Watch it now before, well, you think of something better to spend your money on.

Zombie Dead


  1. You had me at 'dwarf in a rubbish wig'...

  2. Seriously, it's the worst wig in film history. :)

  3. I love zombies, but based on this review, I will happily skip this one.

    Though now you've got me curious about the wig...

  4. It's worth watching just for the wig. And the line..."It smells like death," which the dwarf says about a blanket.

    Classic film.