Monday, 27 June 2011

It doesn't fit (ooh, Matron)

I got a rejection from a particular publisher recently which, to be frank, pissed me off. I had high hopes for getting a full request based on the opening few chapters, but didn’t make it. After a few months, I got a form rejection which are never fun to receive. But then…

This morning, I had an email from a friend who knows someone who knows a man who knows the secret handshake…you get the idea. It turns out it was simply a case of my work not fitting with this publisher. As simple as that. All publishers have areas they’re interested in and others they’re not. It’s down to the writer to research the people they’re contacting otherwise it’s just as much a waste of their time as it is for the publishers and agents who have to wade through submissions of work they don’t represent. Put it this way: there’s no point in a writer sending their spy thriller to an agent who only reps non-fiction and there’s no point in sending your chicklit book to a publisher of SF. (And in case you think I’m being facetious, this sort of thing happens all the time).

So writers research their potential markets; we submit to them and we wait for the reply which, like I said, turned out to be a form rejection in this case. I now know through my friend that the publisher simply has so many replies to send that they send forms. Feedback is always handy but it’s rare.

So now I know they liked it; they thought it showed talent. It just didn’t fit with them. A pain in the arse, but when it comes down to something like that, all a writer can do is find their next possibility and join the queue again. 


  1. Sorry about the rejection - but at least now you know why. That must have given you peace of mind. From what you said, it seems that they saw your potential. Just not for them. I'm sure you'll have better luck soon!

  2. Sorry about the R, Luke. Get it back out there. You know the drill.

  3. Yep, it's out there as we speak.

  4. Hey, at least they liked it. Good luck with the next one.

  5. Cheers. I'm still playing the legendary waiting game. ;)