Thursday, 16 June 2011

Paul - dvd review

Let's get this out of the way first: Paul isn't supposed to be the same sort of humour Pegg and Frost portrayed in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. This is its own film and possesses a broader (and occasionally a sillier) sense of humour. Just as Pegg's Run Fatboy Run went into toilet humour territory, Paul is a more accessible humour than the team's other work.

Pegg and Frost play two SF fans on a road trip across the States to take in UFO country. En route, they meet Paul - an alien who isn't the wise alien of ET or the monster from the Alien films. This one drinks, smokes, swears and isn't averse to the odd funny fag. Without wanting to spoil anything, Paul needs help to make it to a particular destination because someone he refers only to as The Big Guy has sent a number of shadowy figures after him. Cue a mad dash across the country complete with hillbillies, Bible thumpers and the men in black. At the same time, there are a load of in jokes, banter and affectionate ribbing of SF culture.

Like I said, Paul has a broad sense of humour which will alienate (no pun intended) some fans of Pegg's other work. Personally, I loved Shaun, Hot Fuzz and the superb Spaced. At the same time, I enjoyed Paul a great deal. It has a silly charm mainly from the interplay between Frost and Pegg and of course from Paul himself - the funniest alien since E.T's name turned out to be short for Extra Testic -

Just watch the film.

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