Thursday, 7 July 2011


You might have the idea that I treat my writing like a second job. Well, you’re right. It might sound a bit odd to say so since I don’t get paid for it, but I still turn up to write at specific times. I still more often than not take a break at the same time to make a cup of coffee or go for a slash pretty much as I do in my 9-5. I’m my own boss and I have to tell you, I don’t take any crappy excuses for being late or being off sick. That’s just the way I have to be if I want to have any success at this. Hopefully, this will one day become my paid job. If nothing else, I see treating it as a job now as good practice for the future.

But let’s not forget I have a life outside this. Ignoring my day job, I have a wife, family, friends and occasionally the need to sit on my bum and relax. All those things need and deserve my time and respect in the same way writing does. So this is where balance comes into it – trying to find the balance between splitting what time is left in the day after my day job with writing and the rest of my life. Take last weekend: my wife and I went to a family party for one of my uncles on Saturday. It was a great time. We got to see a few people who don’t live particularly close; I got chance to talk to real people instead of the ones in my head and it came with lashings of ginger beer and jelly…uh, I mean burgers and ale. Sorry. Went a bit Enid Blyton there. Anyway, doing this meant no writing on Saturday which wasn’t a problem at all. Balance, you see. I take a day off and spend time with family and get chance to rechange my batteries for the next day. (To be fair, I had plenty of notice about the party. If it’d come up the day before, I wouldn’t have been happy).

So that’s why I treat writing like a second job and why I try to balance my two jobs with the rest of my life. If I didn’t, I might end up a bit…strange.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to kill (fictional) people in various horrible ways.


  1. Found your blog from your sig at AW. I dig it quite nicely, thank you very much. Now I'm gonna go find a way to subscribe to it. :)

  2. Still reading Enid Blyton, huh, Luke? Ooh - story idea. The Famous Five Get Murdered in a Variety of Hideous Ways!

  3. Sounds like you've found the right balance - good for you! I'm still looking for mine. I feel like I either write all the time, or not nearly enough.

    But I'd have to say one of the best things about writing is getting to kill fictional people in various horrible ways. :)

  4. You are a hard man to get hold of. I'm the Editorial Assistant from Apex. Our system crashed and we lost all of our novel slush. One of the slush readers remembered your name, so you're one of the lucky ones we are able to hunt down. Could you please email your novel about Benjamin Harwood to

    By the way, I love your blog ;)

  5. Hi. I'd be more than happy to. Thanks for getting in touch :)