Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Thief of Broken Toys book review

This is my second experience of Tim Lebbon's work and I'm definitely a fan. The Thief of Broken Toys is a stunning tale and one which is difficult to categorise. There's horror in Ray's story but it's not horror of the usual kind. This is horror of the real world where regret, loss and grief are constants.

In short, we have a man - Ray - failing to come to terms with the death of his young son. His marriage has collapsed, his estranged wife is sleeping with someone else and Ray has nothing in his life apart from his grief. He lives in the sort of village where everybody knows everybody else and spends his time wandering the cliffs around his home. There, he meets a stranger who offers to fix Ray's son's toys - a job Ray never got round to when his son was alive.

I've read a few books recently which deal with regret and the horror of it. Lebbon's story is definitely contender for one of the most powerful examples of it. This is an adult tale which brings to grief to life and proves that when horror is this good, it should be essential reading for everyone regardless of their tastes.


  1. Even the cover is creeping me out!

  2. Heh, heh. I don't know if I'd call it literary horror, but it's something special.

  3. Well, I'm hooked. This sounds really good. I was just looking for something new and creepy to read. Great review.

  4. Cheers. The Everlasting by Tim Lebbon is also worth readng. Hope you like.