Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London (or why I blame Simon Cowell)

So, London.

I wasn’t sure whether to blog about this or not mainly because I don’t know if this is the place for my politics, but then I have to ask how much does this have to do with politics? Is it more about people simply acting like dicks because they see an opportunity to do so? How has setting fire to businesses in Croydon or kicking off in Birmingham got anything to do with what happened with the police and Mark Duggan last week? That was the original catalyst for what happened a few days ago; now, it’s just people taking the piss.

The politicians and pundits will obviously be talking about the causes of this for years. It’ll be about racist police, about disenchanted youth, about the release of pressure, about the have-nots vs the haves, about the Government’s cuts…what I wonder is if it’ll be about the way we’ve created the idea of instant achievement, of having it all now without any visible effort. We want things and we want them now. For plenty of people, it’s all about themselves and their having the best in life. Our finance industry just about managed to destroy everything and now the people paying for that are sod all to do with that industry. Our celebrity magazines show us people who are famous for no particular reason and who have no obvious talent or ability. Our tellyboxes show us people singing songs written, recorded and released by others and we see those people achieving immediate fame. It doesn’t matter that this fame lasts for a few months because there’s always someone else to replace the person dropped by Simon Cowell’s label once their fifteen minutes has gone down the toilet. We want what we want and we don’t care about working for it. So let’s just take it.

The media and the Government are going to look for a simple answer to what’s happening. The problem is, there isn’t one. Which is why it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this gets worse.

One last thing. While there are people who are happy to do this, let’s not overlook the people who are doing this…



  1. Great blog piece, Luke. I have to say I'm with you on that.

  2. Thanks, Fiona. Like I said, I wasn't sure whether to post about this or not. Glad I did in the end.

  3. Good post. It's pretty grim out there. There are so many issues at play it's hard to know where to start.

  4. I read your post about it and liked it so much, I'm adding a link here.