Wednesday, 7 December 2011

On Luke's tellybox this week

There are a few programmes on the tellybox I make an effort to watch. The Walking Dead (obviously), Dr Who, The Apprentice and Him & Her are some of the shows I go out of my to watch. I’ve got zero interest in anything that involves celebrities making arses of themselves and I’ve got even less interest in talent contests connected with Simon Cowell. Give me something scripted, acted and directed over people singing crap versions of crap songs and I’m happy. Unless you’re talking about American Horror Story.

I tried to like it. I wanted to like it. I really wanted to like it. But here’s the problem.

The set up for it was probably one of the most unoriginal ideas I’ve seen on TV in ages. Everything about it was so familiar and overdone that I didn’t care what happened to any of the characters. Family complete with moody teenage daughter are having problems so they move across country to the spookiest looking house in the city and spooky things start to happen. I know it’s getting great reviews but I figured it was time for me to give up on when I had the choice of watching a new episode or an old episode of The X Files - and I had more interest in The X Files. So American Horror Story isn’t for me. Even if I did laugh at the guy in the gimp outfit.

Over to The Walking Dead. We’re halfway through the series and it’s on a break until early next year. I had a few niggles about the first series but so far, the second is almost perfect TV. And I loved what they did with the whole barn situation. While I had a feeling it would play out as it did, I didn’t think the writers would go through with it. Always nice to see TV aimed at adults. And of course it’s always fun to see zombies being shot in the head.

So roll on next year and the rest of the series. In the meantime, there’s the final of The Apprentice next week, the Christmas Dr Who (which my wife couldn’t be happier about haha) and the last one of Him & Her which, other than Family Guy, is probably the best thing on BBC3.

Just don’t ask me to give a toss who wins the X Factor.


  1. Aw, you don't like American Horror Story? But the rubber suit is the best part! :)

    I do get what you're saying. It's not terribly original, but I do find it entertaining and darkly funny.

  2. It's strange. I found the first episode interesting enough to watch the second even though I thought the makers tried to cram way too much into the first one. But after the second, I realised I didn't really care where it was going. Oh well. There's always The Walking Dead.