Friday, 27 January 2012

Living For The Weekend

As you can imagine, the days leading up to last Friday were pretty busy for me. On Friday night, my wife and I met my dad and a few of his friends for a drink. On Saturday, a friend who now lives in another city returned, stayed with us and we all met a few of our friends for a drink. Several drinks, actually. By the time I got to Sunday afternoon, I was dead on my feet. It’s rare I do anything social on a Friday and Saturday night and it’s even rarer that I socalise after a week leading up to a day like last Friday. Fun as it all was, I have to remind myself I’m not in my twenties anymore. I’m close to my mid-thirties and I’m happy with a dvd and a few beers on a Saturday night.

Anyway, here we are on Friday again and you might expect me to insist on doing bog all this weekend. Not quite bog all. Tomorrow night is the pub again. I’m meeting up with a couple of blokes while our wives do wife type stuff (talk about cushions, EastEnders, babies and feelings. Or whatever it is wives talk about). The thing is my friends don’t get a lot of free time to come out as they’re both teachers and one has two young kids and the other has one on the way. The last time we went for a pint, it turned into a very late night and ended with one of my friends having three mouthfuls of his last drink before mumbling he didn’t want anymore and then being in charge of a bicycle on his way home. Good wholesome fun, I’m sure you’ll agree. Despite still recovering from last week and despite gradually becoming old and grumpy, I’m looking forward to tomorrow night. Just don’t expect me to feel too fruity on Sunday.

Over to you, good people. What are you up to this weekend? Socalising or sitting around in your underpants?


  1. pfft, I'm way ahead of you in the old fart stakes. My idea of a good night out is going round a friend's for a cup of tea...

    My plans include going to work, trying not to die of boredom, and buying some shoes for work. I despise shopping....

    (also, I can tell you with some authority that wives talk about kittens, George Clooney and whether other people's chips have any calories)

  2. Tea? That's for the girls. Black coffee is the way forward. And I'm with you on the whole shoe thing but probably for different reasons. I have size 13 feet so I have to buy my footwear online. From clown shops.