Thursday, 2 February 2012

DVD review - A Lonely Place To Die

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned the film A Lonely Place To Die. I didn't have time to do a proper review then (I had book stuff going on since I am a proper writer with a book and a small beard and everything) so this is a little later than I planned.

In short, this is one of the best British films I've seen in a while. A small group of friends are mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands when they discover a young girl who's been kidnapped. Immediately, they're faced with problems. Firstly, the girl is understandably terrified and has no reason to trust them. Secondly, they're in the middle of nowhere with no spare equipment to get the girl to safety. And thirdly, what do they do when the kidnappers come looking for the girl?

It's a simple set up and one that works extremely well. I can't say too much about it without risking spoilers, unfortunately. What I can say is the scenery and locations are stunning, the performances are first rate and the degree of oh shit how are they going to get out of this is about as high as I could take. I know this is a point I have mentioned online before but it's always worth repeating: a film with a massive budget does not automatically equal a great piece of film making (cough cough The Matrix cough cough). And while a low budget also doesn't guarantee a great film, it's done no harm to this film.

Ten out of ten.

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