Friday, 11 May 2012

The joke's on me

A few weeks ago, I read Zombie Apocalypse – a collection of linked pieces edited by Stephen Jones and written by a variety of authors. It came up on my zombie radar at some point last year and I’d passed on reading it for one reason. It’s written in the form of everything from Tweets to emails to diary entries to police reports and then some. I’ve always written with the idea that the story is what counts, not how that story is delivered. I suspected the format would come across as a gimmick and that the story would be lost in a confusing mishmash of ideas.

Within a day or so of starting the book, I realised I’d made a mistake with that way of thinking. As well as being a great read, it taught me a lesson: just because a story is presented in a different way does not automatically make it a bad idea. It simply makes it different. OK, the book could have been a disaster; it could have been a big clash of styles, but thanks to the editing and the talent of the writers, it works extremely well. Outside of enjoying the book as a horror story, it’s got me wondering about one day seeing if I can come up with a book written in an unusual way. Not sure if I have what it takes to do so without driving myself mad, but it’s worth thinking about.

Anyway, writing aside, Zombie Apocalypse is definitely worth checking out if you fancy a different take on horror.

Zombie Apocalypse


  1. This sounds extremely cool! I love books that do something totally different and risky. And the cover's great, too.

    1. You should definitely give it a go, Jen. I think my personal favourite piece was a diary from a teenage girl. Not that I know what it's like to be a teenage girl, you understand :)