Friday, 29 June 2012

Film review - The Squad

I recently mentioned the film The Squad and promised to post a detailed review. Problem is it's a really hard film to review without giving everything away, so I'll have to be brief.

Sharing the occasional similarity with the Korean horror R-Point, The Squad is an effective film that manages to do a lot with a minimal cast and what I'm guessing wasn't a massive budget.

A Colombian military unit are deep in what looks like the middle of nowhere on a mission to get into a fortified hilltop building. While it's not stated outright, the building is base to guerrillas and the unit is ready to shoot to kill. Almost immediately, it's clear the building is dangerous but not for the reasons they expect.

Saying any more will spoil things so I'll leave the plot at that. In any case, it's refreshing to see a horror film that utilises atmosphere and location as well as The Squad does, and one that doesn't state everything outright as if the viewer is an idiot.

If you're a fan of a bit of gore that's in the film for a reason rather than being the entire film, characters with flaws and a great atmosphere, then The Squad is for you.

The Squad

In other news, today is Friday so I'm going to the pub and continuing work on draft 2 of Hospital Road (already much improved from the first draft). Whatever you do, have a good weekend, people.

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