Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Pirates and Bob

A couple of weeks ago, a writer came across their book on a particular site. If people who run this site are telling the truth and aren't just doing it for shits and giggles, they have uploaded that writer's book to be downloaded for free. Basically, they're stealing from the writer.

The writer (his name is Bob) is in the middle of a long back and forth with a particular company (who shall remain nameless) over the removal of the site address (which shall also remain nameless) from the results pages. Bob's also contacted the site admin directly and is, unsuprisingly, being ignored. Hopefully, this will all be sorted out pretty quickly and Bob can relax.

Bob's well aware that piracy is never going to go away just as he knows there will always be people who think they are entitled to whatever form of entertainment they want - the film that's not released to cinemas for another three months, the back catalogue of a particular band who've been around for years and so they don't really need any more money, or the debut ebook from a writer who'd like to make a couple of quid from their book, thanks. Bob knows all this. It doesn't stop him being annoyed by people who think they're entitled to something. Bob would like to tell those people that, frankly speaking, you're entitled to precisely fuck all of other people's work unless you're willing to pay for it. That's simply 1. how it works, and 2. fair. Bob doesn't think someone would go to a supermarket and decide they'll walk out with a frozen chicken because they're entitled to eat - without being aware there will be consequences of doing this. Bob would also like to point out the cliche of the starving artist producing their work simply because they have to and aren't concerned with being paid is bollocks that belongs in bad films. The painter, actor, singer, director, or writer creates work because they have something to say, because they hope others will like to hear what they've got to say and because they think it's only fair to have some payment in kind.

Bob knows the pirates won't read this or any other piece online that points out that they're thieves, but he hopes someone who might be thinking of stealing his book will think about the writer who likes to tell stories and would like to be paid for doing so. He also hopes the pirates will all fuck off and die, but that's another story.

Bob would like to thank Luke for letting him take over his blog and promises normal service will resume shortly.

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