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Saturday, 21 July 2012

A short piece about 'Set

Even though we're probably looking at a fair way off before 'Set sees the light of day, I thought I'd do a little piece about it and give you the basics. Obviously edits and all that might change things, but for now I can tell you it's quite a bit lighter than The Red Girl. Yeah, people die (quite a lot as it happens), but while The Red Girl goes into some dark places, 'Set stays a bit closer to the light. Well, maybe the shade. The twilight. The sunset. And yes, that's a big clue for the meaning of the title.

I'm a big fan of the front cover for The Red Girl. Having a back and forth with the art department at Musa was very cool so I'm already thinking about the cover for 'Set. There's a few possibilities and a few images I've seen online which have caught my eye. Whether any of them are the right way to go for inspiration is anyone's guess at the moment. Here's one I like:

Nice, eh?

Incidentally, I did mention 'Set in an older post here but I've deleted it mainly because I haven't decided if the blurb I posted does it justice or if it needs tidying up. I'll probably end up using something similar, but I won't waste your time with something with which I'm not completely happy. Anyway, here are the core ingredients for the story:

Lots and lots of dead people.
And a woman who will do anything for her daughter's soul. Even if it means dealing with the demons, angels and the dead people.

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