Friday, 7 September 2012

REC: Genesis - What the fuck was THAT?

I honestly don't know where to start with how much of a disappointment the third REC film is. Should I go with the weak attempts at comedy and how massively out of place they are? Or should I go for the film's lack of logic with not only its own rules but the rules set up by the first two? Or maybe how this one, as a prequel, adds nothing to the overall story?

I suppose a description of the plot is in order. We start at a wedding between a young couple. It's all lovely. They have their family and friends with them; it's a big church do and a bigger reception. They've got a professional videographer to record the day (as well as a younger guy who's brought his own camera). The groom also has an uncle who has a dog bite on his hand. Remember the mention of a dog in the first REC? Yeah, you do. So you know what's coming. A short time into the film, it all kicks off and then, strangely for a series which utilises the hand held camera approach so well, we leave that angle behind and go into `normal' film territory. The majority of the rest of the hour and twenty minutes concerns the survivors attempting to find each other and not be torn apart.

So its flaws: you might think the switch from hand held camera would be one, but for the most part, it's not that big of a deal simply because the other flaws are so numerous they take the mind off the change. The comedy, for one. Who thought adding poor attempts at sitcom humour would work in a supposedly intelligent horror series? John Sponge? Really? Then we have the lack of logic and continuity. We've never been dealing with zombies in the REC world and that's fine. We've been dealing with demonic possession spread biologically and infected people who move like they've just stepped out of 28 Days Later. They're also extremely hard to kill. All well and good. Except now we're dealing with a mix of Romero zombies and 28DL infected who've gone from still walking after being shot several times to dropping down dead after one gutshot. We've also got people infected to the point of attacking loved ones one minute, then having a tender moment the next. Then there's the plot line of a group of people in hiding which goes nowhere. Chuck in cheap jumps, noisy thunder and a woman with the body strength of a ten year old boy happily wielding a chainsaw and high kicking like a ninja, and you've got one of the biggest let downs in horror cinema.

Ultimately, REC: Genesis brings nothing to the REC world and can be completely avoided.

Oh, and the suits of armour scene just made me think of Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

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