Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A rambling post about not much (my God, it's hot)

So, while the country bakes and my back sticks to my chair because it's just that hot, what better time for a rambling blog post about nothing in particular?

My wife and I had a weekend away with some friends in Folkestone for a wedding of a mutual friend. As my wife is recovering from an appendectomy, getting away was nice. On a definite plus side, it gave me chance to buy a new hat to protect my shining dome from the sun. And then I drank lots. A photo or two will be here at some point hopefully soon. Probably not any of me in a waistcoat and jacket, though.

It's about three months to the release of Mirror Of The Nameless from Dark Fuse which I'm really chuffed about. The people at DF have been first rate (if any writers have something they think is good enough, I definitely recommend them as a publisher) and I'm proud of my little tale. While it's the shortest book I've written, it's also one of the best, so I'm looking forward to seeing it out in the world and hearing what people think of it.

Also in the world of my writing, we've got about four months before the publication of Postscripts To Darkness Vol 4. Again, I'm proud of my story Echidna especially as the finished result is a much better story than the original, and I'm proud to be part of what's looking like a collection of great horror fiction.

Lastly, my plans for the second draft of my WIP are just about done. Draft one was a complete mess so I've taken my time in coming up with all the necessary improvements. Next week's plans are all about decorating and house stuff, so I'll start draft two the week after that. No idea how long it'll take before it's done, but again, I'm not rushing it. Any finished story deserves my best writing in the same way any reader deserves the best tale I can give them.

So, that's me for the moment. Did I mention it's hot?


  1. Hey there, you bald git.

    It's hot here too.

    Scarlett (in Hotland).

    1. You lie. It's never hot in ScottishLand.