Thursday, 26 September 2013

The funny thing about reviews

So far, most of the reviews for Mirror have been positive. As much as most people might think all writers would want nothing but positive ones, I'm not like that. While I'm not saying I want reviews saying something I've written is a total bag of crap and I should never write again, I'm all for considered, intelligent feedback from a reader who didn't enjoy one of my books. You really can't please everyone all the time and it's a waste of time trying to. In any case, once the book is out there, it's no longer mine. It belongs to the reader, and their thoughts are without question theirs to share.

However, I'm really happy with the vast majority of the feedback I've received and at the risk of being unEnglish, I thought I'd share a couple of snippets from reviews here. So...

"...a very original, riveting novella that combined elements of lovecraftian fiction, zombies, and an "end of the world" type of feeling..."

"...a crazy mix of Lovecraftian horror, mystery, family, love, death, zombies, worms, and fear."

"...Mirror Of The Nameless is immensely entertaining, with tons of action, violence and a palpable sense of dread and defeat, but most importantly, really interesting and life like characters."

"...The monsters (Gods) were cool - original and well drawn. The characters were equally well realized and the action was paced perfectly." 

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