Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Come on, 2014. I'm ready for you

As we’re now at the end of 2013, I thought about doing a retrospective of the last year but then realised I’d prefer to focus on what’s coming up in 2014. While I’ve only got one piece scheduled for next year at the moment, I’m really looking forward to it. Faces Made Of Glue is one of my favourite short stories of the last little while. I’m proud of it and keen to hear what others think of it. Obviously as soon as I have information on its published details, I’ll let you know. Other than that, I’ve got four or five other shorts out there I’m waiting to hear back about. They might all be rejected; one or two might get through first time out or, in some mad universe, they might all be accepted. We’ll have to see.

Novel wise, I’ve got three out on submission. Again, they might all end up in the editor’s bin before the email comes my way to say ‘we liked your book but…’ If they don’t make it this time, I’ll do the standard writer thing of reading through, looking for problems, fixing them and trying again. After all, they won’t be published if they just sit in my desktop gathering computer dust. As for newer stuff, I’m waiting for feedback and critiques of Pandemonium before I get stuck into the fresh edits for that, and planning another novella partly because I’ve got an idea that should fit nicely in about 40K and because I enjoyed writing Mirror so much (while writing Pandemonium was a hard slog), I’m up for having another go. If the novella goes well and doesn’t take as long as a full novel, it’s time for what might end up as a horror without any supernatural elements, an issue I mentioned here a couple of weeks back. All I’m saying about that one for now, as it’s still very early days, is I expect it to have a slight Children of Men vibe although knowing me, that’ll change by the 10K point.

That’s about everything for 2014 other than probably a few more short stories, a lot of coffee and a lot of clicking refresh on my email. As for 2013, I got my second book published, my first novella and a few shorts. I’m still here, still writing, still bald, still with the same money worries as everybody else, still supported by the nicest woman in the world and still in a staring contest with the dark side, waiting to see who blinks first.

And still writing. Always still writing.

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