Sunday, 27 April 2014

A bit of this, a bit of that and definitely a bit of the other

I thought it might be a good time to do a general update on a few things. So...

For the last week, I've been working on Pandemonium with the goal of trimming about 10k from it to get it down to an even 100k. It's nearly done and I don't think I'll quite get to the 100k mark. At the moment, it's 104k which I'm comfortable with. Over the next week, I'll have a final read through to see if there's anything else I can lose, look for cock ups and give it a last polish before it's ready for submitting. I'm happier than I expected to be with the final draft especially as the first couple were not impressive.

After that, I'm going back to an older book. The plan is to lose 10k out of that which might take a bit of work. I don't think it's overly long by any means, but as I plan on sending it to a particular publisher and their limit is 80k, well, then needs must. As there's obviously no guarantee they'll take it, I'll keep the deleted scenes so I can always add them back in if it finds a home somewhere else.

Work on those two books will probably take me to early June. My choice at that point is reading through and coming up with a third draft of the book I finished last weekend (currently titled May Day) which I'm not looking forward to, or writing a novella. While I know I should take care of May Day first, the novella idea is looking pretty sweet. Of course, I thought that about the first draft of May Day and that rapidly turned into a pain in the arse. Whichever I work on first, it should be done by late August. And for the last few months of the year, I've got a secret plan - secret because it may come to nothing, but if it does, it'll be quite cool.

Reading wise, I've just finished Joseph D'Lacey's Black Feathers which was incredible. D'Lacey is a great writer; this book is by far his best work. The second volume is in my TBR pile along with a collection of short stories by Gary McMahon, one of Tim Lebbon's older books and one or two Sarah Pinborough titles. I'm currently reading Urban Gothic by Brian Keene, and Succulent Prey by Wrath James White. Neither for the easily grossed out. And just to prove it's not all pain and misery in my book pile, I re-read John Connolly's excellent The Gates recently, as well as the second Skulduggery Pleasant title by Derek Landy.

Film wise, I watched The Devil's Business last week which I highly recommend. Ditto with Tower Block which I re-watched last night - and realised for the first time that I had Sheridan Smith in mind for the lead in Pandemonium all the way through writing it.

That's about everything. Publishing and acceptance wise, it's all quiet, sadly. A few short stories are out in the world as is a book I thought would have find somewhere by now. The joys of subbing your work with high hopes. And then spending too long clicking refresh on your email. Anyway, fingers crossed I've got good news to report soon.

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