Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Update: having a cold and a new book

It’s all been a bit quiet round here lately. That’s partly down to me fighting a cold for over a week (one of those annoying colds that just hangs around without getting any worse or sodding off) which has left me knackered and not in the mood to blog. Real life of dayjob and life outside writing also need my attention occasionally and as I started a new book last weekend, time for blogging or much else has been short.  

While I don’t have any big news when it comes to work being accepted by publishers, I’m happy to say the new book is going well. I passed 11k last night which is a decent speed for a first draft. I did plan on going back to the novella that turned into a novel (the one I finished several weeks ago) but to be honest, I read through it and decided it needed way too much work for me to want to get stuck in now. I will come back to that one – currently titled May Day – at some point although probably not for a couple of months. I don’t like having stuff just sitting in my folders that either isn’t finished or out on submission, but May Day needs approaching from a new angle before I can be happy with it. That issue is probably why the current book (no title yet) is going well. I’ve got a nicely streamlined tale, minimal locations and a fast pace. While May Day ended up being much longer than a novella, I’m 99% sure the new one will come in at around 50k which means the first draft should be complete in about a month. Fingers crossed a title turns up by then. I can’t call it Die Hard meets Jacob’s Ladder forever. Mind you, I’m happy to call Mirror HP Lovecraft meets Mad Max for as long as possible. 

Maybe for my next book, I'll write Die Hard meets HP Lovecraft.

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