Thursday, 24 July 2014

A quick one before sofa time

It's a nice evening, I'm more or less up to date with current plans so what better time to post a quick blog update before sofa time starts (complete with a few beers and a film)?

My plans for a collection of short stories are coming along nicely. I've written a few new ones over the last couple of weeks - the longest comes in at 9k - and I'm quite happy with them. Obviously, they're first drafts so they'll need a good going over to get them to publishable standard which isn't a problem. I'm still thinking early next year for the collection. While I know I could have it all ready for publication within a month, that wouldn't be right. Self-published or not, I want this collection to be as good as anything I sub the traditional way.

I think there'll be about fifteen stories in the end. I'm going to write another two and possibly three before I start the second drafts and edits. So far, you're looking at stories concerned with Jack the Ripper, a fourteenth century priest, an event I'm calling social murder, and a storybook that isn't for anyone let alone for kids.

In other news, a writer friend gave me some feedback with one of my books, one I thought was done and ready for the world. Turns out, I could be wrong about that. I've got a pretty big decision to make with it mainly involving cutting several scenes. Not the end of the world, of course, but still a big chunk of work I wasn't planning on.

Outside writing, our house is off the market mainly because the estate agent couldn't sell it. We're going to try another company soon. My dad and step-mum are getting married next weekend which means I need to polish my smart shoes (after I find them), and I've got an interview lined up with a horror film producer which I'm excited about.

Now, time for sofa, beer and film. In that order.

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