Monday, 14 July 2014

Short story plans

I'm finally able to get to the blog post I was originally going to talk about more than a week ago. Hurray.

For a while, I've been thinking of a collection of my short fiction. I've got plenty of tales to choose from, after all. Some need a bit of a polish, some are good to go and a few others are brand new. The problem is while the market for short stories isn't small, particularly, I'm not sure how large the audience is unless the author is a big name already. Which counts me out, sadly. But still, the idea of a story collection has been needling me for a few months. When an idea like this keeps shouting, the best thing for me to usually do is listen to it. So, I will.

In about six months, I'm going to self-publish a collection of short stories. Six months gives me time to write another three or four to go with the new ones I've been working on recently, tidy the hell out of some older ones and research everything I need to do. Give it til the first part of 2015 and you should see me come up with something hopefully pretty decent.

The odd issue about this is the timing. Given that my first two books are now dead, it might look as if I'm desperate to chuck any old crap out there which isn't the case. I read a comment from an author (who shall remain nameless - mainly because I can't remember their name) last week which basically said readers don't care if the author makes mistakes in their fiction; mistakes meaning everything from changing a character's eye colour halfway through to publishing a piece that might still need improvement. They just 'feel' if a story works or not. Count me out of that sort of thinking. I'll do my best with everything I write and I won't submit it or, as in this case, publish it myself until it's as close to flawless as can be which is a long way of saying this has got bugger all to do with last week's events. It's more of an experiment that anything else since I've never done anything like this before and whether the collection fails or succeeds is pretty much all on me.

I'm keen to see how it goes.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how it goes. And you have one guaranteed sale with me anyway. :)

  2. That's damned decent of you. Thanks.