Sunday, 31 August 2014

Short story collection - titles

I've been working on the stories for my planned collection over the last few weeks. A few of them are more or less ready; I've got another six or seven to edit and polish plus another one to write (6/13 was originally planned for this collection but as that's published any day now, there's obviously been a change of plan). After that, I'll do the usual of letting my wife and a couple of friends give them the once over to tell me where I've gone hideously wrong and what I should either cut out, bury under a rock to never speak of again or what's not too bad and is worth keeping. After that, it'll be a case of a final read through and final polish before they're completely ready. I'm still looking at early next year for publication. While I could rush it and have it all done sooner, I want to make sure these pieces are first rate. Just because I'm doing this myself does not mean they should be anything less than my best work.

Anyway, most of the stories have titles so I'd thought I'd post them here. Obviously they might change and this is not a final table of contents. Here they are.

Static - a short piece which will probably be the first story.
Prison Break - a bit of body horror.
Anti-Social - future horror? Maybe.
Upload - she's on the train. Problem is, so is he.
Coco - a Portuguese nightmare in the middle of England.
Time Gentlemen, Please - a few old men, a pub and something outside that wants to get in. Something hot.
When Thatcher Became Prime Minister - another pub and a young guy who makes a promise that will last for decades.
Dead Leaves - a spot of gardening reveals an old secret in the bushes.
In The Middle Of Nowhere - With thanks to Mr Lovecraft.
Under The Table - a rainy day and fun for all the family.
They Always Get Inside In the Films - zombies!
Her Hair - more zombies!
Dando And The Stranger - let's head back to the fourteenth century and a very bad man.
The Fairy Tale - not one for bedtime.
The Guardians of Suburbia - Jack the Ripper. Kind of.

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