Monday, 1 December 2014

Die Laughing - the cover blurb

A monster from Portuguese folklore crosses countries and oceans to hunt the child who escaped it years ago.
The dead rise throughout Britain, leading a teenaged boy into a decision which will be either the easiest or hardest of his life.
In a pleasant suburbia, a young couple find a link full of terrible possibilities between their new home and Jack the Ripper’s horrendous crimes.
Three friends lost on a hiking weekend in the Pennines discover the way home means facing a monstrous god from the freezing void beyond the world.
In the near future, anti-social behaviour isn't met with anger or complaint. It's met with a gun.
And after a voyeur bulldozes her privacy on the daily commute, a young woman fights back, leading to bloody consequences.

In these stories and more, you are invited to face the cold horrors of restless spirits and the ugly possibilities of future nightmares. You are invited to look them in eye and make your choice.

Will you die laughing or live screaming?

Die Laughing. January 2015.

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