Sunday, 19 April 2015

A few lagers and some nibbles

I've been working my bum off this week on outlining my next book and I'm happy to say I finished the plan yesterday. I'm even happier to say I think this one will be pretty straightforward to write as I've got a very clear idea of the story I want to tell. (The opening involves a guy walking into a violent and bloody child murder and then...I'm not telling you). Of course, it'll laugh at me 20k in and head off another direction, but I still think it'll be a smooth write as and when I get to it. First things first, though. Ascent still needs sorting into a decent draft and the house move will obviously take up a lot of time. We're aiming for the third week or so of May, so everyone round the new gaff for a few lagers and some nibbles.

I've also just finished the notes for a new short story that's got a bit of a HP Lovecraft meets Neil Gaiman thing going on. Working title - The Mouth At The Edge Of The World. Not always the case the title comes along before I've written a single word of a piece, but I like that one quite a bit.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, people.

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