Saturday, 2 May 2015

Publishing, short stories and all those ups and downs

Early last year, one of my short stories, Faces Made Of Glue, was published in a collection. While there was no huge wads of cash involved, I was pleased to have the story out in the world as I considered it one of my best (and let's be honest, there aren't many writers who make a lot of money from short stories alone). However, I discovered purely by accident about a week ago that the collection was no longer on Amazon or anywhere online for that matter. The publisher's site went nowhere; the collection was AWOL and all I had was the contract for it from January last year - with no indication as far as I could see of what happens to the story if the publisher folds.

However, after a bit of Googling for an email address that actually works, I got hold of the publisher and am pleased to say the rights for the story are all mine again so I'm free to sub it elsewhere, which presents another problem in that the market for reprints of short stories is about the same for novels: bugger all. But at least I can aim on getting the story back out in the world which is definitely what I'm going for. I know plenty of people would figure it's just a short piece and as the monetary gain will be negligible, then why bother, but I don't see it like that. Yes, I expect some payment for what I do (and I won't be sending any of my stuff to a 'for the love' market); sometimes, though, knowing a little tale will be read is almost enough. Not totally enough by any means, but almost.

So, fingers crossed Faces Made Of Glue finds a new home soon.

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