Saturday, 20 June 2015

A fresh start

My wife and I have been in our new place for three weeks and we're beginning to get the place sorted. Still a bit to do and new furniture to buy (mainly so the cats will have something new to scratch) but we're comfortable now that it no longer feels as if we're staying in someone else's house or on holiday.

I've been lucky enough to have my own writing space wherever we've lived and it's the same in this house. I know some writers have no choice but to write at the kitchen table or on the sofa while their family argue over what to watch, and I'd do that if I had no choice. Thankfully, though, I can shut out the world and go looking for the words. All that leads me to this post - a fresh start. It's no secret that the last year or two has been up and down in terms of publishing for me with my first two books going down the pan before the company did, a lot of rejections and even more no replies at all which almost every writer hates more than being told to stick their book up their arse. All that wasn't helped by us being stuck in a house we no longer wanted to live in and couldn't sell for toffee.

It's a fresh start now, though. A new view out the window while I work (which actually isn't saying a lot since I had to turn around for the last view and this one is the side of our neighbour's house but hey, you take what you can); new sounds and a new space. While I'm not going to become complacent and expect miracles with writing just because we've moved, I do think a happier environment will lead to better work. On that note, it's time to head into the last few scenes of a new outline for Ascent, and then start work on what will hopefully be the final version of a book that has been kicking the shit out of me for over a year.

It's time to start again. It's time to kick back.

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