Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I've got nothing to say

A quiet month blogging wise. To be honest, it only dawned on me yesterday I'd blogged all of once this month. Usually, I've got something to say two or three times a month whether that's about whatever I'm working on, a film or book I've enjoyed or something non writerly. But right now? Nope. Not a sausage. And there's a good reason for that.

Because to people outside it, being a writer is boring. You sit alone in front of a blank page and you hope the thin idea you've been sitting on for a week or a month or years can be peeled out of your brain and stuck to that blank page. You hope the outline you have for characters will turn into people as much flesh and blood as anyone in the real world. You hope that idea and those outlines will come together into something good, something a publisher or agent will like and see as saleable to the market and then they'll come together into something the public will want to spend money on. You hope all that and you do the only thing you can in order to try and make this mad, fucked up idea happen.

You write.

That's it. You write, and when it's done, you don't stop. Oh, no. You have to fix all the horrific cock ups you made whether they're simple mistakes or lines that should be banished to the blackest pits of Hell because they're just so fucking awful (and then you wonder how the hell you missed their sheer shittiness when you wrote them); then you let a few people give you their thoughts on what you've created and you listen to them and you go back to the book and fix the stuff you missed the second time around.

You write because that's all you can do to try and make your little idea and pretend-people into a book. And, for anyone outside this, it's dull. It's as boring as someone you don't care about telling you the details of their soul-crushingly pointless job. You don't give a toss what they do 9-5 just as you don't care about the writer wading through the third attempt of their latest book and wondering if this one is going to be good enough, long enough, too long, scary enough, funny enough, readable enough to sell or are they just going round in circles with every new story and every new submission. Why would you care?

It's boring.

So, yeah. I've got nothing to say.