Saturday, 3 October 2015

God, I hate writing cover blurbs

As the title suggests, I'm not a fan of writing cover blurbs. And as for the synopsis...gah. We hates them, precious. Horrible things. Yes, precious.

Anyway, rough copy of the cover blurb for Ascent prior to subbing it in the next couple of months.

When terrorists threaten to detonate a nuclear device outside RAF Lakenheath, Kelly Wells runs for a nearby office block, frantic to find her sister in their last moments. At the same time, a handful of others do the same—all desperate to make it to loved ones before the bomb goes off barely fifty miles away.

In the frozen second of the explosion, Kelly, her sister and three strangers are trapped in that instant and trapped in the building. But they are not alone. An evil from the empty spaces outside the world has found a way in and brought all of its power to torment them. Stalked by a creature wearing the faces of their worst nightmares and stuck in the nuclear blast, the group must fight their way from floor to floor towards what is either their only escape or a monster’s terrible joke. All the while, their most private secrets and guilt will be made flesh in the corridors and stairs of Greenham Place. Horror will take all the forms of their darkest dreams to draw sustenance from their fear. . .and the monster haunting them will dine well.

Because everybody is afraid of something.

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