Saturday, 24 October 2015

The return of 'Set

Anyone remember my second book? 'Set was published early 2013 and sank without a trace due in part to problems with the publisher which then closed. In any case, it's been unavailable for closing in on two years, so I'm going it alone with this one. At some point next year (hopefully by early summer at the latest), it'll be available again - this time, as a paperback rather than only as an ebook which was the original case. And there's a change of title. Sunset.

So, I've got some work to do in terms of polishing the previously published version and taking my time with the edits rather than the rushed job I was stuck with in 2013, and sorting a cover and all that, but I'm happy to give this tale of angels, demons and lots and lots of dead people a second chance.

Sunset original cover blurb:

After the loss of her baby, Emma Cooper feels as if she’s just going through the motions of her life. That’s until an angel and demon knock at her door with news dwarfing life and death.

Emma’s daughter’s soul is trapped in a world of the dead, a world of permanent sunset. This is 'Set and it’s to this world that Emma must travel after she is chosen by the celestial and infernal management. By working with Above and Below, she has a chance of helping her daughter and countless other souls move on from 'Set.

In this world, recently deceased George Bryson has declared war on Heaven and Hell. But this fight with his maker has opened doors he cannot close. The forgotten remnants of Creation are coming to consume all worlds. If Emma can’t stop Bryson’s war, her daughter will be lost forever.

And so will everyone else.