Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I want the world to stop

I've uhmmed and ahhed to myself over the weekend about whether to blog on what happened in Paris on Friday night. Or in Beirut. Or what might be happening in Germany as I type this. On one hand, I want to shout about it. I want to show anyone who visits my site just how angry this makes me just as it does to pretty much everyone else in the world. I want to fill my Facebook page with statuses of Stop posting this racist shit. I want the world to stop.

Just stop.

Take a step back and fucking stop it. We've had enough. There's never been a time people and humanity in general managed to not fight and kill and destroy others in the name of their God or their history or their whatever, but it really seems we've gone mad for it since the turn of the century. And the thing is, 2015 would be a ridiculous science-fiction to someone from, say, the 1950s, They'd expect us to be living on the Moon by now with robot butlers, jetpacks and women with three boobs (wait. That was Total Recall, wasn't it?), but no. We do exactly the same shit we've been doing for thousands of years. Only now, we do it with bigger guns and bigger bombs. We do it because we honestly believe we're in the right and the other guy is the bad one. And it goes on.

And I want the world to stop.

I can write about monsters and evil and body parts flying all over the page, but these made-up horrors are nothing compared to the world.

And I want the world to stop.

I suppose what I'm saying is. . .I have nothing to say about Paris. Or Beirut. Or what might be happening in Germany as I type this. Because whatever I do come out with is just one more voice saying stop it. Just take a step back and stop it. We can be better than this. We really can.

I want the world to stop.


  1. As insignificant as it may seem, I think the best we can do is make peace wherever we can and whenever we can.