Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Looking ahead

I've been tied up for the last couple of weeks with real life as well as writing. At the same time, I've planned on a bit of a retrospective of the year which I think I've done on this blog for at least the last three years. A slight change of plan, though. While I may still do a look back before the end of the month, I'm not in the mood for it right now. So a look forward, instead.

Obviously, my big work for 2016 is the republished version of The Red Girl which definitely has a new title as as well as a new cover thanks to the good people at Caffeine Nights. I think publication is looking like June or July so a few months to go yet. Not a problem, though, as it gives me time to take care of the edits and bore everyone to death with pre-release guff. As soon as I have the all clear from Caffeine Nights, I'll post the new blurb and cover. In the meantime, it's enough to say I'm looking forward a great deal to this one. While the original release obviously didn't go according to plan, I've always been fond of my dark tale of regret and grief. Now that it has another shot at life, it'll be grand to see it as my first in print book.

Sunset (or 'Set as it was) is also making a reappearance as I mentioned here at some point. Doing this one myself which may be a crap idea. I'm not too worried about that. If nothing else, it'll give people who don't like horror chance to read one of my books. Again, I'm looking forward to getting my story of demons, angels and lots and lots of dead people back out into the world. Depending on a few things, Sunset should see publication late summer.

Between now and the end of the year, I've got two short stories to edit and submit, and the final work to take care of for Ascent which feels like a long time coming. As soon as I get some feedback on it and sort any cock ups, it's time to send that bad boy out into the world. After that and into January, it's time for a new book. It's only at the planning stage right now which is fine. I've been sitting on that outline for a few months which has given me time to get a decent feel for the story - always helpful.

That's about it in terms of concrete plans (not mentioning one or two behind the scenes issues I can't go into detail with). All being well, you've got two books from me next year and hopefully some short stories.

Roll on 2016.

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