Saturday, 20 February 2016

Writing, outlining and all that

If you've been paying attention, you'll remember that a month or so ago, I blogged about the problems I was having with starting a new book - 10k in and it all fell apart. Well, I'm happy to say I started it from scratch that same day, went for a new angle and POV...and wrote the first draft of 50k in three weeks.

Now obviously, 50k is way too short which isn't much of an issue at the moment. Nor is the fact the draft (currently titled Winter Graves) is messy as hell, has plotlines that go precisely nowhere and others that need binning (and others that need a lot of development). I'm in the middle of the leave the first draft to stew for a few weeks period, and while I'm not consciously thinking about the story too much, I'm well aware that yes, I am. I often find that the first draft is me telling myself the story and getting to know the characters, and the finished book doesn't come until at least another draft is complete. While I like to have a decent idea of who I'm writing about and where their story is going before I start, the whole thing usually goes its own way the further I get into the book. Winter Graves was no exception.

In any case, I'm doing things a little differently to my usual process. Normally, I'd let a draft sit for a month while I write a short story or two and submit them and chase up any submissions that need it. For this one, though, I'm outlining another book while I don't think about the last one. Then, when the outline is done, I can go back to the first and let myself not think about the second. Makes sense? No? Good.

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