Sunday, 19 February 2017


After finishing the first draft of my current book about a month ago and knowing the publication of Hometown outside the UK was just ahead, I couldn't really get stuck into anything else on a larger scale (I work best when it's one main piece at a time and then go to other stuff between drafts) which was a bit annoying. Now Hometown is out everywhere and whether it sinks or swims isn't really up to me anymore, I've been free over the last few weeks to look at other work. So since the middle of January, it's been pretty full on and all the more fun for it.

I've written two short stories (current titles Somewhere In The Millions Of Bodies, and An Introduction To The Gods Of Our Imagination), and will sub them to publishers hopefully this week. Of course, I may still be subbing them a year from now, but that's the fun of being a writer especially one without an agent.

I've also gone back to an older book that was originally published about four years ago and has been unavailable since the publisher folded. I think I said at least eighteen months ago I planned on self-publishing it mainly because it's extremely hard to find publishers who take reprints, and while that may still be the case, I haven't rushed rewriting and editing it into an improved version and I won't rush into a decision on what's best for the book publication-wise. Once I've got feedback on it from a couple of writer friends, I'll be in a better position to decide. In any case, it's been interesting reading a fantasy while 99% of my current stuff is horror. As it's me, it's not a nice fantasy, but what the hell? I stick to what I'm good at.

Along with making a few notes for whatever comes next, I've read through my shitty first draft and yes, it is shit. As I've said several times, mine always are, but this is particularly shit. After working out the key issues, I'm now able to focus on the fixes, then plan a new outline for the second draft. Starting from scratch isn't my idea of fun, but needs must. The book (again with the current title - Flesh And Blood) has a lot of potential; it's only fair to see that potential through and not stick with a crappy tale.

So, that's February almost done. Next month, I have a shave. Exciting times ahead.

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