Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ascent - where it came from

I've always thought that inspiration for creativity can come from literally anywhere other than maybe sitting down and trying to think of an idea. In the case of Ascent, part of that inspiration came from my daily walk to work.

Everyday, I pass an office building that became the building (and main location) in Ascent albeit with some substantial physical changes. It's about thirty years old; there's a lot of glass and its primary use is for the city council to conduct various types of business - pretty much the same as Greenham Place in my book. I made my fictional version a lot larger purely for the sake of drama and to have more of an area to play in, but the nuts and bolts of my pretend version aren't a million miles from the real building. Like I said, I pass this place every day which got me thinking about it without realising it. Couple that with wanting to write a tight, claustrophobic story and I had the basis for Ascent - or at least its location and setting. (And in case you were wondering, the fictional town in my book is Norwich in my mind's eye mainly because it's close enough to RAF Lakenheath to be at risk of a nuclear explosion at the base).

A couple of of years ago, I wrote a short story called 6/13 which was published here and concerns the aftermath of a terrorist attack on Los Angeles through the eyes of two men who can change that aftermath for the better. Obviously, this is an area that gives a lot of room to explore which is where a novel came in. I've always liked big events in fiction that the reader gets to view in a personal fashion. It makes it more frightening for me as the writer to see some serious shit going on with a limited number of characters rather than going all out Game Of Thrones style.


An office building I pass everyday. A short story with the scope for a much larger study of the events in that story. A handful of characters. A particular setting and location.


Those different moments of inspiration coming together while I had little conscious idea that's what I was thinking about and I end up with a horror story I like very much. I hope you do, too.

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