Saturday, 30 December 2017

New book published in 2018

Ending the year on a big high is always nice but pretty rare to be honest. Anyway, 2017 hasn't been a stellar year in terms of publishing for me but here's some good news:

I have a new book to be published next year. The Unredeemed will be published by Hellbound Books in 2018. Still early days so I don't have an exact date yet but obviously I'll post it as soon as I do. In the meantime, here's the current cover blurb to give you an idea what to expect.

While keeping up the appearance of a gentleman in the sixteenth century, Benjamin Harwood butchered whoever he saw fit to kill. After he agreed to sacrifice his murder victims to an insane demon, he’s been free to walk the earth for four hundred years. That is until the agreement which kept him safe from punishment is torn in half. A righteous spirit, enraged with Harwood’s crimes, has aligned himself with Hell and is coming to judge Harwood, coming to set him to burn.

There is no choice for Harwood but to run. On a cross country trip, he gathers the worst of the worst, the thieves, murderers and bastards he calls friends. With this group of damned killers, Harwood embarks on a journey he never imagined he would take—back into the horror of his past and to a teenage girl whose family he recently destroyed, a girl with more reason to loathe him than anyone in his life or death.

Faced with an eternal darkness, Harwood has an unthinkable decision to make. He can try for a redemption that may be impossible or he can face himself and his murders. But what Harwood doesn't know is there's a hole in the floor of the world. And something much worse than the dead is down there.

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