Sunday, 31 December 2017

Out one door, in the other

Half an hour before I finish my work for the day, so just enough time to squeeze in one last blog post before the end of the year.

Another year over; another year of ups and downs in my publishing adventures. Ascent was published in the summer which was a definite high. I'm proud of how good that book ended up (that sound you just heard was me blowing my own trumpet) after Christ knows how many laboured and shitty drafts it went through before I got to a decent version. No new short stories published this year which is a downer, obviously. I've got several still under consideration/yet to be rejected or accepted so hopefully, there'll be some good news in that department soon. I've written a few and am happy with how all turned out so I'm counting that a result.

Bad news on the novella I had with DarkFuse after that publisher closed. My Lovecraft meets Mad Max story went down the bog along with some great stuff from a lot of talented writers. It may see the light of day once again at some point although there's nothing happening with it yet.

I've polished my second to last book, written a new one and tidied up a handful of older novels. Obviously, the biggest news is selling The Unredeemed which is a great way to leave 2017 and start 2018. The funny thing is, I wrote the original draft of that one under a different title at least five years ago, left it alone for a while before reading through it and finding something in the story and character of my dead serial killer that I really liked. Several spit and polishes later, a new title and here we are - sold it within a week over Christmas.

So for next year, I'm looking at whatever work is required for The Unredeemed, hopefully selling the short stories that are out on sub and writing another book which is fully outlined and spins off one of the tales in my collection Die Laughing. As I said recently, I've been edging more into the thriller angle of horror lately (dark thrillers, obviously) rather than anything overtly supernatural. That's the idea for the next book. I still see my tales as horror but maybe more in the real world sense with future work.

Been meaning to blog more about films and books so that's a goal for 2018. For now, I'll say IT was the best film I saw this year while The Dark Tower was the absolute worst, sadly. Books of the year go to the last few Charlie Parker series from John Connolly which I blitzed.

That's about me done until next year, I think. Stay safe, be good and hope for better days.

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