Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Yet another rambling post

It's been quiet on the blogging front lately. Ditto on the producing new material front. Blogging has taken a back seat because it's that wonderful time of the year when everyone is tied up but also because there's not always anything worth talking about. I envy the writers who've got stuff going on most of the time and/or the energy to talk about it. More often than not, I'm just trying to keep my shit together in terms of work, real life, chasing submissions, finding new markets to sub to and actually writing - none of which is that interesting.

I've spent the last month going through a few older pieces and trying to either find places for them or deciding what's best for them if they're not going to find homes. To be honest, I'm not really any further forward with the second issue than I was when I started the process in November. They're solid pieces of work (if I didn't think so, I'd bin them without a second thought), but the market for two reprints is next to nothing and finding anywhere worth subbing new work to is proving to be a pain in the arse. Of course, just sitting on them gets me no further forward, so I need to work out what's best for these books, particularly the reprints.

As for new stuff, I've got a fresh book outlined and pretty much ready to start but I've held back over December as it's a bad month to begin new work and it's given me time to go through all the stuff I've just mentioned. Looking forward to getting stuck into this one in January. Almost as much as I am working out just what the fuck to do with my collection of books piling up in my hard drive.

Have a good Christmas, all. With any luck, I'll post again before the end of the year.

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