Saturday, 24 February 2018

Going it alone: Dead Sun

For the last four years or so, I've been considering what to do with a book I had published in early 2013 after it went out of print soon after and the original publisher closed down. It was much more of a fantasy rather than the darker stuff I do now; that combined with how difficult it can be to sell new stuff to publishers let alone previously released work has left me uhmming and ahhing about what's best for that book. Long story short, I read through it again last year and re-discovered quite a lot about it I liked. It needed a polish and re-editing and while the issue of the genre being different is still true, it's probably not as big a deal as I thought - the book is dark fantasy (or light horror) so it's not a million miles from my current stuff.

Anyway, decision made over the last few months. I'm publishing this one myself and giving it a new title from the original release as well as the edits and rewrites. Although I don't have a date set, I'm looking at some point in the next few months. So, please be upstanding for the book published in 2013 as 'Set coming back to life as Dead Sun.

After an unbearable loss, Emma Cooper feels as if she’s simply surviving rather than living. That is until an angel and demon pull her from her fight against grief into a new battle.

Her daughter’s soul is trapped in the midway point between Heaven and Hell. By joining with the divine and the damned, Emma has a chance of helping her daughter and countless others escape what should be a world of peace but has now become the frontline of a war.

Someone is leading a rebellion against the injustices of life; they’re fighting for every human being to have an equal chance. But this conflict is heading towards something much worse than Emma or any demon or angel suspects. The forgotten remnants of Creation are breaking free; insane horrors from outside the universe eager to turn all of reality into suffering.

Unless Emma can stop this war, it will be too late to save her child’s soul. And the soul of existence itself.

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