Sunday, 22 April 2018

Ascent (changes)

I found out a few weeks back that there was a high chance the publisher of my book Ascent, which was published last summer, was closing its doors which was obviously shit news for me and all their other authors (and shit news for the publisher, as well). As things were a bit up in the air, I didn't say anything publicly but as I've now had offical word, I can say Ascent is going out of print.


Yesterday, I signed a contract with Hellbound Publishing to re-release it so while it is going out of print, it hopefully won't be for too long. Obviously, The Unredeemed and The Dead Room come first from Hellbound, but you can imagine I'm very pleased to say my tale of regrets, grief and a really nasty thing that exploits both with the poor bastards trapped in Greenham Place will return.

In the meantime, Dead Sun is published in less than a week and I'm working my arse off on the second book for Kensington Gore which is a prequel to the re-release of The Mirror Of The Nameless.

Another in the meantime - the paperback of Hometown (HOMETOWN) is under £6 on Amazon so get yourself a copy if you want to see what my stuff is like prior to the new books.

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