Saturday, 28 April 2018

Dead Sun published

Today's the day - Dead Sun is now published so it's available from an Amazon near you in print and ebook. I've sorted a universal link so these should take you to the Amazon of your country (which saves me posting several separate links - result). As always, I hope people like my tale; whether you do or not, all honest reviews are more than welcome. Books, especially ones from authors who don't have the backing of a big publisher behind them, sink or swim based on the reviews. Even if a reader thought a book was crap, that review still helps. Although I prefer the nice ones, obviously.

Anway, I'm thrilled to have my tale of angels, demons, dead people and the possible destruction of all reality back in the world. And while Dead Sun is quite a bit lighter than my usual stuff, it's still me. (Bonus points if you spot the cheeky ref to Hometown because, yes, they take place in the same world).

Print copy:


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