Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Day Of The New Gods

Good stuff happening my end lately. I found this out a couple of weeks ago along with the news about The Mirror Of The Nameless but couldn't say anything publicily until now - I'm working on a prequel to Mirror currently titled The Day Of The New Gods which will be a novel rather than novella length and will also be published by Kensington Gore. Chuffed as you can imagine especially as Mirror went out of print last year, leaving me to wonder if anything would happen with it again. So, now it's coming back and I get chance to explore the world of my horrible gods at the start of their impact on our world.

And believe me, it's a big impact.

One more thing - there's an interview with me over at KS's site in which I talk writing, horror and other guff. Hope you like. Interview

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