Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Day Of The New Gods (and other stuff)

You know I said recently that I'd sold The Mirror Of The Nameless to Kensington Gore a year or so after the original publisher went out of business? And a second piece to KG which turned out to be a prequel to Mirror entitled The Day Of The New Gods?

Well, I've written the first draft of New Gods. 63k in about five weeks which is pretty fast for me. I'm completely unashamed to say I'm playing to my strengths with this one (which is partly why I managed to write it so fast). I'm starting work on the second draft next week to give it a good tidy, beef up a couple of subplots and make sure the whole thing hangs together. It's a fast-paced, violent action horror that I think of as Lovecraft meets The Long Good Friday even though the finished book went its own way in a few places. Basically, if you like Mirror when it's re-published, you'll love New Gods.

Outside of writing news, one of our cats has developed diabetes which is a shock (I didn't know cats could get it) and no fun for anyone. We're hoping Eddie improves now he's on two injections of insulin a day. Basically, if you have a cat that rapidly loses weight and drinks way more than usual, take him to your vet.

Back on the writing news front, Dead Sun is still free on KindleUnlimited DEAD SUN and while it's not free in paperback, it is massive so you can use it as a doorstop after you've read it. (And once again, all honest reviews are more than welcome - GoodReads, Amazon, wherever).

That's about it for tonight. Be cool.

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