Sunday, 8 July 2018

Writing in the same universe

While a fair bit of what I write is its own story with no connection to anything else, I do like to occasionally have a link, however small, between tales. Case in point, The Unredeemed shares more than a slight connection with Dead Sun and Hometown with setting and a side character. Not that you need to have read either book to enjoy my new one; the stories are stand alone. Think of them as taking place in the same world - and worlds are big, after all. Plenty of room for more than story to be told and to be occuring while you're reading a book.

With that setting, it's a fictional version of my hometown (you can see how long it took me to come up with that title) - a fairly standard city in England that, in all fairness, could be just about anywhere in the country. Geographically, Dalry is the same as my hometown which my friends had fun pointing out when they read Hometown, and ditto on the feel of the place. Probably why I've come back to Dalry a few times in my tales. And for what it's worth, Dalry has a lot of sides, some of which are darker than others. In some, the sun never shines.

Dalry is an old city. Men like Benjamin Harwood have called it home for a long time just as the group of friends in Hometown know it as their past and a certain someone from Dead Sun knows its history. If you want to come along with the ghosts from The Unredeemed, I hope you'll see something you know in its streets and in its secrets.


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